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questionIs it possible to understand if that person is interested in me? How can I be more effective?

questionHow can I ask him/her out on a date? What can I do to create an intimate atmosphere?

questionWhat are the main reasons for premature ejaculation and lack of self confidence? Is there an easy solution to these problems?

questionWhat can I do to introduce novelties in the bedroom?

questionWhat is Bondage and what are the most common fetishes? How can I introduce them to my partner?

questionHow can I boost the intimacy in my long term relationship?

questionWhat is the key to great sex and how can I prolong orgasm for a more sexually satisfying experience?

key to successYour key to success!

90 Hot Tips for Singles and Couples by , is your guide to a completely satisfying love life. You will learn that communication is the key for the success and how you can use it everyday. You will also find some useful hints to improve your self confidence and having success with the person you like.

Discover how to fight the boredom in your bedroom introducing new ideas, like new lingerie and sex toys, and how to hit the right spot for great sex.

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